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Rapid Medical Weight Loss

Losing weight is a tough thing to do.  Learn more about how I help my patients lose weight in a fast and effective way.  No gimmicks.

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Doctor-Created Diet Plans

We all know that our eating habits directly affect our how weight loss goals.  Learn more about my diet plans – it won’t be as brutal as you think!

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Step-By-Step Fitness Plans

Exercising can be a pain but it will help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly.  Learn more about my fitness plans that will leave you feeling great again.

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Meet Dr. Alex Roig


Over the past 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients regain control of their body and health using safe and non-surgical medical weight loss methods such as diet plans, Phentermine, B-12 Injections, HCG, Myers Cocktail Infusion Treatment, Personal training, Sermorelin Injections, Peptides, Semaglutide (Ozempic), Tirzepatide (Mounjaro), Retatrutide, and other holistic techniques. There is a lot of misinformation out there about diets, exercise and weight loss and it can make it hard to get started. We are your go-to resource for medical weight loss in Atlanta, GA.

Some quick tips for starters:  it’s important to understand the difference between going to the gym and losing weight. While many people may associate going to the gym with losing weight, the reality is, weight loss is not directly related to exercising.  Often times, people with go to the gym for weeks – even months – without seeing much weight loss, if any, at all.  So, why is that?

You see, when you go to the gym, you’re training your muscles to get stronger, which has very little to do with weight loss.  Weight loss occurs ONLY when the amount of calories that are consumed are less than the amount of calories that are expended.

Now, you may be asking yourself… “Does that mean I have to start counting calories and giving up foods I love for the rest of my life?  Absolutely not!  When you plug into my time-tested system, you will likely need to make changes to your overall diet, yet it will mainly be changes to when you eat and how much. Our favorite part of our Medical Weight Loss System is that even while you’re ‘dieting’ you can eat almost anything you want!

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