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About B-12 Injections

You worked hard to lose weight. Now keep it off by optimizing your weight management plan with B-12 injections, designed to help your liver and gallbladder process fats more efficiently so fat is “burned off” before it has  a chance to settle down in your belly, hips, thighs or other areas of your body.

How They Work

Fat is primarily processed by the liver. When the liver is sluggish or simply isn’t operating at peak performance, fat metabolism slows down, and fat is deposited throughout the body instead of being broken down and eliminated in waste. B-12 injections work by optimizing liver health and function, “ramping up” fat metabolism so your body is able to remove fat more efficiently.  B-12 injections include vitamin B-12, known to promote liver health and function, as well as amino acids that aid in fat

Injections vs. Oral Supplements

Both vitamin B-12 and many amino acids are available in pill form, and many people wonder if they can use oral supplements to achieve the same results as B-12 injections.

The answer is no, and here’s why: Oral  supplements must pass through the digestive tract before they can be absorbed into your bloodstream, and often, the digestive enzymes and acids degrade vitamins and amino acids, rendering them less effective by the time they reach the bloodstream.

Injections deliver the B-12 and amino acid solution directly to the bloodstream so it can start acting where it’s needed without losing any of its potency. Plus, oral supplements contain fillers and other additives that can cause allergic reactions. B-12 injections have no fillers – just vitamins and other nutrients necessary for optimal fat metabolism.

Recommended Dosage

The amount of each dose and the frequency of dosing depends to some extent on your body mass index, your overall health and your personal goals for weight loss and weight management. As a leading provider of medical weight loss programs, Dr. Weight Loss works closely with each patient to ensure the most appropriate dosage for optimal results.

Potential Side Effects

Both B-12 and the amino acids contained in B-12 injections are beneficial for optimal health, so side effects are few. The most common side effects are slight swelling or redness in the injection sites, side effects that can occur with any injection. Some people have reported an upset stomach or mild diarrhea following treatment, effects that can clear up once the body adjusts to the increased levels of vitamin B-12. A few people have reported mild joint discomfort, fatigue or allergic reactions.

Learn More About B-12 Injections

B-12 shots can play an important role in helping you manage weight loss, and they can even help you lose additional weight by helping your body process and metabolize fats more efficiently. To find out more about B-12 injections and whether they’d be a good choice for you and your weight management goals, call Dr. Weight Loss at 770-330-4214 and schedule a free consultation today.

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  • "When I first started working with Dr. Alex and his team, I weighed 315 lbs. Over the first 70 days I lost over 70 lbs and dropped 6 inches off my waist! My vitality and libido has increased and the using what I learned I have been able to keep the weight off!" *

    John Rowell CPA and Pastor, Age 63
  • "My doctor told me that I was a prime candidate for a major cardiac event. When I first got started with Dr. Alex and his team, I couldn’t walk a mile. After 6 months I was able to run 10 miles while training for the breast cancer walk. I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Alex and his team saved my life!" *

    Susan Davis Mother of 5, Age 43

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