What Body Parts is Cool Sculpting Used On?

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For some people, a fitness plan and diet plan are enough, but others need some additional assistance. Cool Sculpting is one such medical solution that can help bring you over the finish line with your weight loss goals achieved. This procedure can only be used on certain common problem areas though, so let’s see if this option can help you.

What Is Cool Sculpting Used On?

First, you probably want to learn a little more about cool sculpting. This non-surgical solution, also known as fat freezing, destroys fat cells with low temperatures. The cold only affects the fat cells and not the tissue surrounding it. The fat cells start to crystallize, eventually dissolving. At that point, your body can get rid of them through its natural processes. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle after these treatments, which can last around forty-five minutes each, the fat cells have a hard time coming back. Here’s a look at some of the body parts that cool sculpting can be used on.


For men, the cold sculpting procedure can be used to get rid of “man boobs.” For many men, this can be one of the biggest motivators for starting up a weight loss plan in the first place. This procedure can help reduce fat buildup in this area. Killing these fat cells can really help boost your confidence and help your clothes fit better. Note that the cold sculpting procedure is not meant for dealing with female breast tissue.

Hips and Love Handles

Even with a cute name like “love handles,” the hips and sides can be another area where people really want to remove fat cells. We can focus on these areas and give you a more svelte look. Before you know it, you’ll be more comfortable at the pool or the beach.

Lower Back

Few things are more disappointing than putting on a pair of pants and realizing that you’ve gained some weight. If you notice a “muffin top” when your pants are pulled up, cool sculpting could help. This procedure can be focused on the lower back. It could be the perfect way to get rid of these fat cells.


Cold sculpting is also perfect for removing excess fat from your buttocks. This safe, non-invasive procedure can have you feeling and looking better in no time. A few weeks after treatment you’ll be able to notice a significant difference.

Upper and Lower Abdomen

If you’re suffering from excess abdomen fat, the cold sculpting service might be just what you’re looking for. This area can be safely treated, sometimes in multiple sessions. We’ll help you get the flatter stomach you’ve always wanted.

Upper Arm

The cold sculpting procedure can also be used to treat excess fat on your upper arms. We can kill the fat cells in these “wings,” as they’re sometimes called, and help you look more trim and fit.

Is Cool Sculpting For You?

At Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we make it simple to find a medical weight loss solution that works for you. Want to know more? Contact us at (770) 330-4214 today to see if this is the medical weight loss solution you’ve been waiting for.

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