Boost Your Metabolism: MIC B Injections vs hCG

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At Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we employ every method that we can to help our patients with their weight management goals. We have a successful history of developing customized diet plans and fitness routines, however, we also offer different regimens that can help you achieve your goals.

MIC B & B-12 Injections

MIC B injections, also know as “lipo injections” are designed to release fat throughout the body. They target fatty deposits and use a variety of substances to burn through fat. These injections are also designed to speed up the metabolic process. These injections can also be administered with vitamin B-12, which also helps boost metabolism and energy. The result is that these shots help break up fat while improving your energy levels.

The amino acids found in this type of injection help stimulate your metabolism in several ways. Let’s break it down by the name. The M stands for methionine. This amino acid can help break down fats in the liver, lower cholesterol, and even help with fatigue. The I, stands for Inositol. This is a B vitamin that helps you metabolize fats while it boosts the health of nerves and cell structures. It also plays a part in affecting your serotonin levels, which are partially responsible for your mood and appetite. Finally, the C stands for Choline. Choline supports the liver and helps keep the cardiovascular and endocrine systems functioning at a healthy level. Ultimately MIC B Injections promote aggressive weight loss by stimulating your metabolism and burning through fat deposits in the body.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or “hCG”, is a hormone that the body produces during pregnancy. These injections, administered by a medical professional, are used in tandem with a low calorie diet to lose weight. This type of regimen requires a strict and monitored diet

Which Is Better For You?

Both MIC B and hCG injections have been linked to beneficial effects on weight loss initiatives. Both regimens require professional oversight and can be effectively utilized in a professionally  prescribed weight loss plan. The professionals at Dr. Weight Loss can help you achieve your goals and create a weight loss plan personally catered to you. Contact our team today for a free consultation and take the next step to achieving your goals.

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