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You live in the Atlanta area and you’re ready to lose weight, but how do you know which plan is right for you? Fortunately, you have the experts at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta here on your side. We have experience with all kinds of weight loss methods. Whether you need help with an exercise plan, want to learn more about a healthy diet, or in need of a medical weight loss method, we can help. Here’s a look at what we can do, and how a particular solution might work best for you.

Fitness Plans with Personal Training

Getting to the gym for a workout can be a great feeling. You go a few times a week, but then you get busy. Maybe that number drops a bit each week until finally, you’re not going to the gym at all. What you might need is some extra motivation.

That’s why we don’t just help our patients develop comprehensive fitness plans. We also offer personal training. Working with a personal trainer has a few benefits. First, like a gym buddy, a trainer motivates you because someone else is expecting you to work out today. It’s far easier to back out when it’s just you involved. Second, a trainer can help you work out safely and get more out of a workout. That’s why this option can also be especially useful for anyone who hasn’t done heavy workouts before or is otherwise inexperienced.

Fat Freezing

Fat Freezing, also known as cool sculpting, is a non-invasive medical weight loss option. If you’re looking to get rid of fat on specific parts of your body, like your hips, chest, and upper arms, this can help you achieve quick results. This process freezes fatty tissue, causing fat cells to die off without affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. It can be a good way for patients to lose just a little bit of fat safely and effectively.

Myers Cocktail Infusion

This medical weight loss solution uses a variety of nutrients to help with weight loss, but that’s not all. A Myers Cocktail Infusion can also help with chronic conditions. The influx of vitamins and nutrients could help alleviate issues from allergies, fibromyalgia, and more. This can also help fight back against fatigue. You’re getting the healthy nutrients that you need and you have more energy, so you’ll be able to better commit to your weight loss goals.


Sermorelin is another one of our medical weight loss solutions. This hormone can be injected to help promote weight loss. It offers benefits like increased muscle mass, more growth of lean muscle, reductions in body fat, and increases in energy. Like the Myers Cocktail Infusion, it can help on its own and give you more energy to hit the gym or tackle other tasks that will help you lose weight.

B-12 Injections

B-12 injections can help you keep weight off by helping your liver and gallbladder efficiently deal with fat before it gets the chance to stick around on your body. Vitamin B-12 makes your liver healthier and more effective at its job.

These are just some of our weight management and medical weight loss solutions. Contact our office for a free consultation and we can help provide a customized plan for you that is guaranteed to deliver results.

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