Why Should I Get Tested For Food Sensitivity?

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Here at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we understand that dieting and managing your weight can be tough. There are so many things that can affect your weight loss plans. Even your own body can interfere occasionally. An issue like food sensitivity can actually interfere with even the most committed dieter’s attempts to reach their goal.

Food sensitivities are similar to food allergies but can be harder to diagnose. That’s because being sensitive to a food can present a completely different reaction than an allergy would. Instead of one big reaction, a food sensitivity could cause lower grade inflammation to accumulate over time, eventually causing more obvious health issues. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out if you’re sensitive to a particular food on your own. That’s why you can benefit from a food sensitivity test.

There are two types of food sensitivity tests. One is a skin test, where liquid extracts of potentially problematic foods are dropped onto your skin. After that, your skin is lightly pricked. If you react, that shows you could have a food sensitivity. You can also evaluate for a food sensitivity with a blood test. Whichever route your physician chooses, there are many reasons to get tested for a food sensitivity.

Food Sensitivity Could Be Reducing Your Energy Levels

Food sensitivities can cause a variety of symptoms, from constipation to different degrees of abdominal pain. These symptoms can take a lot out of you, making it more difficult to do the things you need to do on a daily basis. Figuring out that you have a food sensitivity can let you know what products to avoid and help improve your energy levels throughout the day.

Food Intolerance Might Be Affecting Your Weight Loss Plans

Figuring out what foods you’re sensitive to could help make it easier to meet your weight loss goals. At our office, we build you a custom fitness plan and diet plan. If there’s a food that you’re sensitive to, you don’t want it to be a part of your diet plan no matter how healthy it is. Knowing about your food sensitivities can help us build a more effective, healthier diet plan. A sensitivity could also affect your fitness plan. As we mentioned, a food sensitivity could be messing with your energy levels. Knowing what foods can avoid can help boost your energy and ensure that you stick to your workout plans day after day.

Chronic Conditions Can Be Exacerbated By Food Sensitivity

A variety of chronic medical conditions can also be affected by your diet and food sensitivities. For conditions like IBS, migraine headaches, and others, a food sensitivity could be exacerbating a health problem that you already have. Of course, chronic conditions can also be a major annoyance when you’re trying to lose weight, affecting your motivation and energy levels.

Figuring out which foods you are sensitive to could help you better manage these conditions. When it comes down to it, figuring out which foods to avoid can just make your life better and make it easier to live in a healthier fashion. Contact our office today for a free consultation and take the proper steps to enjoying a more comfortable and health-conscious lifestyle.

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