Could High Intensity Exercise Be Harmful To Me

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At Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we tailor our fitness plans to our patients. Everyone has a different metabolism, different physical limitations, and different fitness goals. That’s why we never suggest a one size fits all plan. For example, some people can benefit tremendously from high-intensity exercise. These workouts are meant to push you and boost your endurance. You won’t get a lot of rest during high-intensity exercise, but you’ll get an effective workout. However, for some people, this can be a riskier option. Here are some scenarios in which a high-intensity exercise plan could pose issues for some people.

Are You Doing Too Much Too Fast?

One of the ways that high-intensity exercise could be harmful is by pushing yourself too hard too early. By not properly warming your body up, you are more prone to injury or exacerbating an old injury. If your doctor says that strenuous exercise is something you can’t handle you should work at your own pace. Pushing yourself too hard can end up setting you back later.

Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, high-intensity exercise could enhance your risk of heart attack or stroke. If you’ve spoken to your doctor about this form of exercise and they have advised against it, you should listen. That’s especially true if you’re on medication for blood pressure or a heart condition. Some studies also show that intense physical activity can cause heart problems for middle-aged men, so it is important to consult a doctor before engaging in intensive physical programs.

Are You Pregnant?

High-intensity exercise is generally not recommended for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth. This might be too much stress, particularly because pregnancy usually causes other physical issues ranging from joint pain to fatigue.

Do You Have Joint Problems?

In many cases, individuals overexert themselves by committing to more high-intensity exercise than what is considered necessary. This can cause joint problems, specifically in the lower body. Your knees, hips, and ankles can all be heavily affected by these intense workouts. That’s why we tailor our fitness and weight management plans to your specific goals and limitations. Our programs are specifically designed to avoid overexertion resulting in additional long-term problems.

How New Are You To Working Out?

High-intensity workouts can be extremely effective for weight loss. This effectiveness often makes it tempting to jump right in without proper preparation. However, that decision could pose problems if you’re not used to exercising in more unconventional ways. You may not have the strength needed to perform some of the moves correctly which results in not getting the full benefit of the exercise or setting yourself up for injury.

Consult Professional Assistance

We recommend working with an experienced trainer that can monitor your progress and customize fitness plans to your individual needs. This structure enables us to evaluate whether or not high-intensity workouts will be effective or risky for you. We believe that working out should feel great, especially when you’re starting to make progress towards your goals. Despite experiencing positive results, it is important to have an understanding of your body and it’s physical limitations. Contact our team today for a free consultation and take the first steps to reaching your goals.

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