Live with the Shrimp Tank Podcast on Immediate Weight Loss with Dr. Alex Roig

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Dr. Alex on Shrimp Tank PodcastDr. Alex was invited to share his secrets with Lee R. Heisman and Kurt Arseneau on The Shrimp Tank’s Podcast last week. His story that lead him to success as well as his drive to show others his non-surgical technique has put a new light on effective weight loss and can help make changes to your life immediately. With this weight loss system, it has been proven to help clients meet their goals in the most efficient way that is medically supervised on a daily basis. Check out this podcast below and learn why Dr. Alex has successfully treated weight loss.

Dr. Alex Roig featured on The Shrimp Tank Podcast



Dr. Alex Roig
Throughout his college years, Dr. Roig taught as a Personal Trainer, helping people exercise and diet more effectively while honing his passion for health. After graduating from Life University, he worked as a full-time chiropractor until 2002 when he decided to pursue his passion of helping people change there lives by weight loss. He has been helping people with weight loss for over 25 years.
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