What is MIC B-12?

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Effective weight loss takes dedication, but having medical support on hand introduces you to resources that improve staying power and energy levels such as MIC B-12 injections. The MIC B-12 injection is a natural supplement proven effective when used in conjunction with other weight loss strategies like diet and exercise. Find out more about how you can benefit from adding these specially formulated B-12 injections to your diet program.

What is MIC B-12?

b12MIC B-12 is a physician-recommended dietary supplement given as an injection. Unlike similar plans offered by other clinics as “Lipo” shots, our program is not a hormone and does not interfere with other types of medication. The injections are compounded as part of a comprehensive weight loss strategy to make them more effective.

With each injection, you get:

  • B2 – Helps metabolize fats, carbs and respiratory proteins
  • B3 – Works to release energy from essential nutrients while reducing cholesterol and helping to prevent arteriosclerosis
  • B12 – A nutrient necessary for normal brain functioning, blood formulation and nervous system health. B12 is involved in cell metabolism, so it affects every part of the body. It is critical for DNA synthesis and regulation, fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

The product includes three key ingredients along with the multiple B vitamins:

  • Methionine – Assists in the breakdown of fats, prevents the buildup of plaque on the walls of arteries and aids in digestion to remove heavy metals from the body. Methionine converts to cysteine, a precursor to glutathione – a chemical used to detoxify the liver.
  • Inositol – Or B6, helps maintain electrical energy and nutrient transfers across the cell membranes, making it essential for membrane health and nerve impulses. It acts as a lipotropic to converts fats into useful products, as well.
  • Choline – Protects the liver from damage and may even reverse existing issues to promote repair. It may help lower blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels associated with heart disease and some forms of cancer.

How MIC B-12 Injections Work

The combination of natural ingredients in the MIC B-12 injections works together to help you lose weight and maintain your energy levels, so you can exercise and stay active. If injected once a week, the shots combine together to improve your odds of successful weight loss.

The multiple ingredients found in our MIC B-12 shots will help you burn fat and clear it from the liver. The injection provides your body with the essential B vitamins that it needs to thrive, not only helping you lose weight but boosting your energy levels while reducing blood cholesterol and plaque to encourage cardiovascular health.

Since the injections contain all natural ingredients, there are few risks and many benefits when you choose to add this program to your weight loss strategy. There is no shortcut for losing weight. It’s a process that requires commitment, but there are tools available to you that make it more comfortable and empowering like MIC B-12 injections.

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