Why Personal Training Should Be Part of Your Weight Loss Plan

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Have you made losing weight a personal goal you’re eager to achieve? If so, you may have already made plans to eat healthier and stocked your fridge and pantry appropriately. You might have joined a local gym with the intention of working out regularly as well. Have you considered personal training?

While it’s great if you’ve done those things, they may not be enough for you to lose weight. If you don’t know the exercises you should be doing to lose weight, for instance, it’s unlikely you’ll achieve whatever weight loss goal you’ve set for yourself.

That’s why it’s important to make personal training part of your overall plan to lose weight.

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

When you work with a personal trainer, the professional will tell you what exercises you should be doing to drop weight. That’s just one of themany benefitsyou’ll enjoy when you embark on a personal training journey.

Proper Form

Many well-intentioned people suffer an injury when they start a workout regimen because they don’t do their exercises properly. It’s imperative that you use the proper form whenever you do an exercise so you don’t wind up hurt.

A personal trainer will teach you how to do the appropriate exercises the right way. Using the correct posture and techniques as you exercise will lessen the odds that you’ll be injured and increase the likelihood that you’ll achieve your goals.

Personalized Workout Routines

As a personal trainer’s title implies, the person will create a custom workout routine for you. Everyone has different abilities and requirements when it comes to exercising. If you’ve recently had a hip replaced or you’re recovering from a dislocated ankle, your abilities will be different than someone who is training for a 5K or a skiing competition. Your trainer will consider your specific abilities, needs and goals and create a personalized workout for you to maximize the results that are meaningful to you.

Keeps You on Track

Quite often, the hardest part of personal training is setting realistic, achievable goals. Many people will say they want a beach-ready body or bulging muscles, but not everyone can achieve those goals. At the start of your personal training, you should talk to your personal trainer so the person can help you set realistic goals.

Once your goals are set, your trainer will keep you on track to achieve them. If you get discouraged, your personal trainer will provide reminders of how far you have come. Your trainer will also provide the motivation you need to stick with your training plan and ultimately achieve your goals.

Personal Training with Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta

Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta offers various ways you can lose weight andpersonal trainingis one of them. Dr. Alex is a weight loss doctor, nutritionist and chiropractor who is committed to helping people lose weight and get healthier through personal training, proper diet and increased daily activity.

For less than $100, you can enjoy three 45-minute personal training sessions with Dr. Alex. Your sessions can be in your home or you can visit one of our studios for your training sessions.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Alex has been helping people lose weight through personal training, and he’s ready to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Make an appointment withDr. Weight Loss of Atlantaso you can jump-start your personal training journey as early as tomorrow. Schedule a free consultation today!

Dr. Alex Roig
Throughout his college years, Dr. Roig taught as a Personal Trainer, helping people exercise and diet more effectively while honing his passion for health. After graduating from Life University, he worked as a full-time chiropractor until 2002 when he decided to pursue his passion of helping people change there lives by weight loss. He has been helping people with weight loss for over 25 years.
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