How Does Phentermine Help With Weight Loss?

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In addition to creating customized fitness and diet plans Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, also offers a variety of medical weight loss solutions. In many cases, a small boost can help patients reach their weight loss goals. One of our medical solutions is implementing phentermine dosages. This medication can become a crucial part of your larger weight management program.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a medicine designed to treat obesity. If you’re trying to lose weight and avoid issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, this medication can help. It’s typically prescribed to people who have a body mass index that’s significantly higher than what’s considered healthy.

How Does It Help?

The drug phentermine is a stimulant. That means that it increases your heart rate and stimulates your nervous system, suppressing your appetite. It encourages your brain to release chemicals that curb your appetite, making you feel more full after eating less food. It can also help reduce the absorption of starches and fats, both of which can lead you to pack on the pounds.

This isn’t a weight loss method that you use on your own though. Instead, it’s meant to be used as a part of a weight loss regimen that’s monitored by a professional. The doctor who helps develop your diet plan and fitness regimen would also be the one to decide if you can benefit from the use of phentermine. We can recommend the right dosage based on your health, your medical conditions, and what your weight loss goals are. In the right situations, it can be a valuable part of your weight management program.

Phentermine is really only meant to be used temporarily. You should also know that if you’re using it on its own and stop, you might gain the weight back. That’s why it’s just a part of a weight loss program, and not the sole part of your weight management plans.

Potential Side Effects

While phentermine can be an invaluable aid for some patients that are trying to lose weight, it can also cause some side effects. That’s why it should only be used when a medical professional indicates it is an appropriate tool. Here are a few of the side effects we look out for in our patients who use phentermine.

  • Addiction
  • Rising blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Constipation
  • Nervousness

Is Phentermine Right For Me?

Phentermine isn’t right for every patient who’s trying to lose weight. If you already have certain health conditions, like glaucoma, heart disease, or an overactive thyroid this probably isn’t ideal for your weight management plans. We also don’t recommend it for women who are pregnant or nursing a baby. This medication also isn’t recommended for patients with a history of drug or alcohol abuse. Whether or not phentermine is for you, we can help you develop a personalized weight loss plan today.

Schedule a free consultation with the professionals at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, and take the steps to a healthier life. We offer various practices and programs to help you reach your goals.

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