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We work hard to help our patients lose weight with customized plans that meet their specific needs. One thing we hear over and over again is that people want to lose weight fast. A number of fad diets promise rapid weight loss, but are there healthy ways to do it?

Fortunately, there are some quick weight loss tips from medical experts out there. There are some safe ways to lose weight quickly, but we always recommend consulting a medical professional before attempting to do so. Here’s a look at some weight loss tips you can use.

Six Quick Weight Loss Tips You Can Try Today

Use Phentermine

Phentermine, also known as Adipex, is a drug that’s used to treat obesity. It works by increasing your heart rate and speeding up fat loss. It’s a stimulant that can help suppress your appetite while safely helping you lose weight quickly. In some cases, you could drop more than twenty pounds in a time period ranging from six to twelve weeks. You just need a medical professional to evaluate your heart health before taking a medication like this, and you should be under their close watch for the entire time you’re taking it.

Very Low-Calorie Diets

These are not necessarily sustainable for long-term dieting, but an extremely low-calorie diet under the supervision of a medical professional can help many people lose weight quickly. Moving on to a more conventional diet after some weight loss is usually recommended. Just don’t try and attempt this kind of extreme diet on your own.

Change When You Eat

Eating too late in the day can throw off your body’s natural rhythm. Your body is busy digesting food, which can be tough on some of your organs while encouraging weight gain. If you’re the type who opts for a midnight snack, changing that habit could pay off in weight loss results faster than you’d anticipate.

Make Healthier Food Choices

The simple act of cutting out certain unhealthy foods and beverages from your diet can lead to fast weight loss. It may be hard to cut out everything unhealthy right away, but dropping candy, sugary sodas, or another low-nutrient, high-calorie food can help greatly in the short term. Depending on how much of that unhealthy food or beverage you consume, you could create quite the calorie deficit and lose weight quickly just by dropping that particular item from your diet.

Get Your Beauty Rest

Healthy sleeping habits can also aid you in your weight loss goals. Not sleeping enough can mess with your hunger hormones, causing you to eat more. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night and your waistline will thank you.

Eat More Whole Foods

Whole foods can be more filling and take longer to digest. This means that you’ll be less likely to snack later and add on extra empty calories. Swapping out some of your usual snacks for whole foods can make a big difference if you’re trying to lose weight.

If you are looking for additional quick weight loss tips, contact the medical experts at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta at 770-330-4214. We’ll find a healthy weight loss plan that works for you.

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