Weight Loss Foods To Enjoy This Fall

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Here at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we know that losing weight can be tough. It can be especially tough in the fall as the holidays approach. Fortunately, the change of seasons doesn’t need to result in a big change to your weight management plans. You can still lose weight, despite the holiday meals and colder weather.

Seven Weight Loss Foods to Enjoy This Season

In fact, there are plenty of fall foods that can actually help with your weight loss goals. There are healthy snacks that don’t rely on sugar to be tasty, and you can enjoy them all season long. Let’s see what kind of weight loss foods you can enjoy all season long.


When you think of fall foods, apples have to be at the top of the list. Apple pies may not be too healthy, but apples themselves actually have a few health benefits. They’re filled with fiber, which makes you full and helps you avoid unnecessary snacking later in the day. They also contain a variety of vitamins that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.


This actually includes a few different foods. There’s spaghetti squash, butternut squash, pumpkin squash, and more! That means that you’ll never be at a shortage for recipes that involve some delicious and nutritious squash. These vegetables contain some vitamins and nutrients that you need, ranging from vitamin A to omega-3 fatty acids. Some varieties, like pumpkin squash, are also rich in fiber. This fills you up and keeps you from snacking. These weight loss foods also contain a variety of B vitamins. They help you metabolize fats that are stored in the body.


Dates are a common fall holiday staple. They contain a variety of nutrients, including fiber and vitamin B6, that can aid in your weight loss plans. As an added bonus, eating a few of these can help curb your candy cravings because they’re sweet. They’re healthier than some other holiday treats, but just remember to eat them in moderation.

Brussels Sprouts

You may not have liked these as a kid, but there are many reasons to opt for this healthy holiday side dish as an adult. Just cook them with some olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, and you have a delicious and nutritious treat. They’re filling and they’ll keep you away from less healthy side dishes.


These holiday staples contain a lot of fiber, without the fat, you’ll find in other nuts. They help with weight loss and they can even help lower your cholesterol. This is one fall food you may want to partake in all year round!


Yams contain a variety of nutrients and help you feel full faster. They also offer antioxidants and keep you full for longer. If you’re looking for a delicious fall food with a number of health benefits, you’ve found it.


This is a great fruit to begin stocking once the fall season rolls around. It can take some work to get to the seeds, but once you do you have a healthy snack that includes vitamins and antioxidants that could help reduce the size of fat cells. They can even stop more fat cells from developing! For more fall diet advice, contact us today for a free consultation and find out what other great foods you can enjoy with a customized diet plan from our experts.

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