What is Cool Sculpting?

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Here at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we do everything we can to help our patients meet their weight loss goals. From customized fitness plans to a variety of medical weight loss options, we’ll figure out what kind of diet, exercise, and treatment program works best for you. One of our medical weight loss options is known as “Cool Sculpting.” Depending on where you need to lose fat and what your weight loss goals are, this might be the ideal way for you to go about it.

How Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Cool Sculpting is also known as fat freezing or cryo lipo. It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss solution that cools fatty tissues. This causes fat cells to die off, without damaging the healthier cells around them. This all stems from work done by dermatologists at Harvard Medical School. They discovered that fat cells have a reduced resistance to lower temperatures and that they respond more to cold than the surrounding cells would. That’s how they developed a safe method that targets only the cells you want to target.

When they’re cooled, fat cells begin to crystallize. This renders them nonfunctional, allowing them to be broken down and dissolved. At that point, your body can flush away those fat cells through the normal processes it experiences every day.

What to Expect

This is a non-invasive procedure, so you don’t have to worry too much about side effects or a long recovery time. A session will take up to forty-five minutes. We’ll figure out which areas need to be treated. You’ll be able to relax as the cold is applied to problem areas. Just wear clothing that’s loose and easy to move out of the way. We’ll keep you as comfortable as possible the whole time.

After the treatment of a specific area is completed, it will be massaged for a few minutes. That helps really kickstart the fat loss process. There are no incisions to worry about or anything else that would cause irritating side effects. Only the fat cells are affected by the cold temperatures and the surrounding tissue is left alone. You’ll be able to go home practically right away.

Is it Effective?

Depending on what areas need treatment, this medical weight loss method can prove effective. The thing about fat cells is that they don’t grow back once they’ve been destroyed. If you live a healthy lifestyle after this procedure, with the help of one of our personalized fitness plans perhaps, new fat cells are unlikely to grow in. This can be the start of your new, fitter life. Just know that the time it takes to see results can vary. This relies on your body’s natural processes after the initial Cool Sculpting treatment after all. In some cases, you’ll have to wait to see results in twelve to sixteen weeks. Some patients experience a change far earlier though.

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