Why It’s Easier To Follow A Weight Loss Plan With a Friend

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When you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re not just talking about getting help from the fitness and diet experts at Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta though. We’re talking about partnering up when it comes to your weight loss efforts.

Even the best diet or workout plan is useless if you’re not actually following through with it. That’s why teaming up with a friend to lose weight can be such an effective idea. Here’s a look at why you may be able to succeed with a partner where you failed as a solo dieter.

You’ll Stay Motivated

One of the best things about working out and losing weight with a friend is that it’s easier to stay motivated. We’ve all been there. We’re supposed to go to the gym or go out for a run, but we just don’t want to. A gym or running buddy can be invaluable here. You can push each other and ensure that you don’t skip out on your fitness plans.

Not only will you be motivated to exercise, you could also be motivated to push your friend even harder. He or she will do the same for you. You and your friend could both get more out of your workouts and get ever closer to your weight loss goals.

You Can Make It a Competition

You can also make a weight loss plan more fun when you’re teaming up with a friend. One way to do that is by engaging in a little bit of friendly competition. Keep track of how much you can lift and how many reps you can do when it comes to certain exercises at the gym. See who can run farther or set the fastest pace for a run. Set some stakes, like making the loser pay for lunch. You’ll both be even more motivated to keep up with your fitness goals.

You’ll Have Fewer Temptations at Social Gatherings

When it comes to your diet plan, your friends can actually be your worst enemy. Social gatherings present so many temptations for the hard-working dieter. Watching the big game can mean unhealthy snacks and lengthy sedentary behavior. Going out to the bar means alcohol, empty calories, and bar food, which isn’t exactly known for its healthiness. If anyone can convince you to indulge when you know that you shouldn’t, it’s your friends.

Fortunately, if you’ve roped one of your friends into your weight loss plans, you may have better luck resisting temptation. You can keep an eye on your friend to make sure that things don’t get too out of hand, and they can do the same for you. If someone wants you to stay out for one more drink, your diet buddy can help you resist and order a water or seltzer instead.

You’ll Find Long-Term Success

The hardest part about dieting isn’t always losing the weight. Sometimes, it’s keeping the weight off that can truly elude you. Some studies show that working out and dieting with a buddy doesn’t just help in the short term. It could also be the key to keeping that weight off, especially if you still try and work out with that friend from time to time even after you’ve hit your goal weight.

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