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About Joint Injections

Joint pain is one of the most common medical complaints among both men and women, becoming even more common with age. Over time, wear and tear on the joint surfaces can cause the joint lining to wear down, increasing friction inside the joint and resulting in pain, stiffness and inflammation.

Without treatment, joint pain will worsen, eventually taking a toll on activity and overall quality of life. Joint injections provide a simple solution for many people suffering from joint pain, using a variety of solutions that can be administered during a regular office visit.

How Do Joint Injections Work?

Joint injections use special solutions to relieve pain and reduce inflammation and stiffness so joint function is improved. At Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta, we customize each injection for the needs of the patient for optimal results, selecting from products with a high safety profile and a high success rate, including:

  • Stem cell injections and platelet-rich plasma, two options that use solutions derived from your own blood to promote natural healing and tissue repair.
  • SUPARTZ® and HYALGAN®, products that use hyaluronate, a substance that occurs naturally in healthy joints where it lubricates and cushions the joint surfaces.
  • Serapin®, Zeel® and Traumeel®, natural remedies that use special combinations of botanicals, biochemicals and other components to stimulate the body’s natural healing responses.
  • Lidocaine and Marcaine®, pain-relieving agents that help block pain signals in and around the joint.

What Happens During a Joint Injection?

After the joint is carefully evaluated, the injection site will be cleansed and a topical numbing agent may be applied. Then Dr. Roig will carefully inject the solution into the joint space so the active components can begin to work right away. In some cases, a small amount of fluid may need to be removed from the joint first to “make room” for the solution. Injections take just a few moments and multiple joints can be injected in one treatment session.

When Will I Notice Results?

After the injection, there may be some minor swelling or redness around the injection site, and some patients experience temporary discomfort until these issues resolve. Most patients experience a significant improvement with their symptoms shortly after their injections, with increased improvement once any injection site swelling resolves.

How Long Will My Results Last?

That depends on your lifestyle, your overall health including your weight, the type of solution used and other factors. Dr. Roig will review all your options so you know what to expect. If you need more than one injection to achieve optimal improvement, he’ll discuss that with you as well.

Learn More About Joint Injections

If you have chronic joint pain, joint injections could be a great option for treating those symptoms and helping you enjoy a more active, more comfortable lifestyle. Injections take just a few minutes, but they can provide effective, long-lasting relief. To find out if you’re a good candidate for joint injection treatments, call Dr. Weight Loss of Atlanta at 770-330-4214 or use our online contact form and schedule a consultation today.

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