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Dieting The Right Way

The right diet plan is key to weight loss. Many times folks will read about a diet plan in a magazine and decide to try it out. Yet, getting the right diet plan for your specific body type requires input from a doctor. Your diet directly affects your mood, energy levels, hormones and so much more. The wrong diet plan can lead to serious, unexpected side effects.

A poor diet plan can also lead to the ‘yo-yo effect’.  This happens when you lose weight from a diet plan for a short period of time but then quickly regain it. What makes us different is that when we get started, you will follow a diet plan created specifically for you and your body. Before we get started we will pin point exactly how your body handles food on a molecular level and create a personalized diet plan based on foods you enjoy.

A diet plan carefully curated by a doctor that is proven to help you lose weight quickly.

My Guarantee

We guarantee you will see long term weight loss when you follow your custom diet plan within the first 90 days.  We’ll even take our guarantee one step further.  When you combine your diet plan with our non surgical medical weight loss services, we guarantee noticeable results in the first 30 days or less.  Even if another diet plan, doctor, pill or wrap has failed you, you will see results.

Diet Plan Tips

  1. Eat foods you actually enjoy.  This ensures that it is a plan you will stick to.
  2. Eat enough food to fuel your body.  Under eating can be just as bad for your body as over eating.
  3. Make sure your diet plan fits your body type.  Consult with a doctor  to evaluate the safety of the plan.

We provide you with all of the medical weight loss tools you’ll need.

Rapid Medical Weight Loss
Rapid Medical Weight Loss

This proven system is guaranteed to help you lose weight – see why it might be right for you.

Step-By-Step Fitness Plans
Step-By-Step Fitness Plans

Exercise is essential to losing weight rapidly – click here to learn more about our proven fitness plans.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

  • "When I first started working with Dr. Alex and his team, I weighed 315 lbs. Over the first 70 days I lost over 70 lbs and dropped 6 inches off my waist! My vitality and libido has increased and the using what I learned I have been able to keep the weight off!" *

    John Rowell CPA and Pastor, Age 63
  • "My doctor told me that I was a prime candidate for a major cardiac event. When I first got started with Dr. Alex and his team, I couldn’t walk a mile. After 6 months I was able to run 10 miles while training for the breast cancer walk. I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Alex and his team saved my life!" *

    Susan Davis Mother of 5, Age 43

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